Over 60′s

April 7th, 2010

Living for the Over 60’s

The population of Australia is getting older. Like all stages of life there are opportunities and challenges. For a Christian we accept that ageing is part of God’s purpose in life.

This section of the web site is to make available material that will encourage a mature acceptance of the realities of ageing and to use these years a constructively as possible in service to God.

Time waits for no man. So inexorably we move in to stages of life that once seemed so far away. It is very sobering to realize those who are now the elderly were only a relatively short time ago where the baby boomers are today. This presents us with a choice: to become morbid about our mortality or to seek to educate, prepare ourselves for this new stage of life.

We hope this section can be helpful to you. We will endeavor to add postings at regular intervals.

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