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Introduction to John5

January 30th, 2018

A new series on John Chapter 5.

In Chapter 4 Jesus was in Jerusalem, then Samaria and returned to Galilee.

In Chapter 5

In first section: Jesus is in Jerusalem again, and he makes a point to go to the pool of Bethesda: where people with diseases and disabilities wait for the troubling of the waters, because it is believed that healings happen in this pool. Jesus walks in among this crowd of people.

Next Section: Jesus gives his first major public teaching, a keynote address (5:19-30), which is followed by a series of confirming witnesses (5:31-40) to him. His relationship to his Father is at the centre of this.

The chapter concludes with Jesus’ condemning accusation against his opponents (5:41-47).

The conflict that starts at that point will continue throughout John as the light continues to shine in the darkness and the darkness fails to grasp it.

So it is a pivotal chapter – a turning point.

Some questions to reflect on in John5:

Why did Jesus ask “Do you want to get well or be healed?’

Why would Jesus do this unnecessary healing on the Sabbath day, thus provoking the Jewish temple leadership?

Why did Jesus say stop sinning?

What is the meaning of the Father and Son working on the Sabbath?

Who does Jesus claim he is?

What is important about understanding ‘‘I do not accept glory from human beings” in having true belief in Jesus?

These are some of the issues that come up in John 5 which we will explore over time.

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