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Bombing in Pakistan

December 19th, 2017

 Prayer Alert

Injured worshippers being escorted from the Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta, Pakistan following the suicide bombing on Sunday (Source:Washington Post/A. Calvin/AFP/Getty Images)

On Sunday, 17 December, a suicide bomber targeted a Methodist Church in Quetta, Pakistan leaving nine dead and more than fifty injured.

According to reports, though two attackers targeted the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church only one managed to detonate his vest. The second attacker was killed by security forces. It is believed that more than 400 worshippers were attending the worship service during the time of the attack. A group affiliated to the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the incident.

“We condemn this inhuman attack in Quetta and call on the Pakistani government to take all steps necessary to provide adequate security to Christians during this Christmas season,” said Godfrey Yogarajah, the Deputy Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance. “We pray for God’s healing mercy upon those injured in the attack and God’s presence to be with those grieving the loss of loved ones,” he added.

Prayer points:

Pray that those perpetrating violence against Christians in Pakistan would experience a change of heart, repent, and turn to Jesus Christ
Pray for God’s healing upon those injured in the attack
Pray for God’s comfort upon families grieving the loss of loved ones
Pray that the Pakistani government would step up security measures for churches, ensuring the safety of Christians during the Christmas season

The World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (RLC)


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