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April 29th, 2015
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Our local churches have been supporting widows and orphans in Tanzania. We are also assisting the construction of a school on the border of Kenya/Tanzania.

Government threatens to close down churches that oppose new constitution in TANZANIA

21 April, It is reported that the Tanzanian Minister of Home Affairs has threatened that churches and other religious organizations that publicly oppose the country’s new constitution will be deregistered beginning 20 April.

According to reports, the minister stated that it was illegal for leaders of religious institutions to use their positions to influence their members to oppose the new constitution.

Tanzania’s Christians have expressed their displeasure over the proposed bill in the new constitution that will establish Islamic courts across the country’s mainland.

Prayer points:

  • Pray that God would help Tanzanian Christian leaders to respond wisely;
  • Pray that Tanzanian’s state officials would not introduce unjust legislation;
  • Pray that people of Tanzania would vote wisely to ensure the country adopts a democratic constitution.

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John McLean Update from Africa

April 29th, 2015
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You will have seen from Rod’s Updates, as well as the various news sources, the devastation done by the earthquake in Nepal. You will probably be already intending to take up an emergency collection for this disaster this weekend to go through the Australian Mission Fund, and that seems most appropriate, so Dave has prepared for that. And of course our prayers and those of our congregations are part of that care for the many suffering great loss through this natural disaster.

 Things have been progressing well at the MD conference. The value and importance of our international fellowship and ties that stretch around the globe are very evident in events such as these. Emmanuel Okai from Ghana in particular wants to pass on his gratitude to Sydney and the other Australian congregations that have helped the work of the church there. This afternoon we travel to the church camp in Limpopo for the Pan African conference, with pastors from all over Africa. Thanks for your prayers for that, too.




Nepal (2)

April 28th, 2015
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We just received this latest update from Rod Matthews. The Sydney congregation is planning to send at least $2000 after we have an appeal this coming weekend.

To view report please click Regional Update – 28Apr2015 (Nepal2).