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Answering questions about our theology

February 28th, 2013
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This update is from Gary Deddo, who serves on GCI’s media team and as personal assistant to GCI president Joseph Tkach. In this article, Gary cautions about labeling ourselves  as Incarnational Trinitarians and offers advice concerning answering those who question our theology. His insights help us understand more precisely the nature of our theological perspective.

  1. The label, “Incarnational Trinitarian Theology” should be understood as descriptive rather than as prescriptive of our doctrinal statements. Our critics sometimes want to regard this label as being prescriptive, but that is not the case. Also, it is not the case that our theological perspective is Barthian or Torrancian or whatever. At best, such labels are only partially descriptive. Any similarities are definitely not prescriptive.
  2. What is prescriptive for us is the reality of who God has revealed himself to be in Jesus Christ according to Scripture. Our theological formulations are derived from and meant to point faithfully to that reality, which exceeds what can be contained in our theological understandings. Read more…

Message for the Day

GCI Schools

February 21st, 2013
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In his February member letter Joe Tkach shared some of the many schools our congregations have developed around the world.

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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 198 | Wed 20 Feb 2013

February 21st, 2013
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Four foreign Christians have been arrested at a publishing house in Benghazi, Libya. They were found with 45,000 books on Christianity. Some 25,000 books are believed to have been distributed already. Their situation looks grim, with the new regime promising to incorporate Sharia Law in the new constitution and belligerent Salafi Islamists perpetrating all manner of religious violence with impunity. In Libya the maximum penalty for evangelising Muslims is death. Also, in Sudan two Coptic priests have been imprisoned for their role in baptising a female Arab Muslim convert to Christianity. Their condition and whereabouts are unknown. Because they are local citizens and not foreigners, their plight is particularly serious. Please pray that the Lord will sustain and bless these prisoners and redeem their suffering.




As Fr Evarist Mushi was parking his car at the Catholic church in Zanzibar on Sunday 17 February he was ambushed by three men on a motorbike and murdered. This assassination comes after the Christmas Day shooting of Fr Ambrose Mkenda (RLPB 191) who is still in hospital. On 11 February Protestant Pastor Mathayo Kachili was beheaded in the north-western region of Geita, on the Tanzanian mainland (see Religious Liberty Monitoring for details and context). Claiming responsibility for assassinating Fr Mushi, a group calling itself ‘Muslim Renewal’ has vowed to make this Easter season ‘one of disaster’.

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