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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 195 | Wed 30 Jan 2013

January 31st, 2013
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January 31st, 2013
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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 194 | Wed 23 Jan 2013

According to Dr Mukesh Kapila, the former UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator in Sudan (2003-04), the ethnic cleansing of Sudan’s ‘new south’ — Abyei, South Kordofan and Blue Nile — ‘is largely complete’. He comments that due to advances in technology, this war is ‘worse than Darfur’.

Displaced Africans (non-Arabs) unable to reach the massively over-populated refugee camps in South Sudan have retreated to remote caves. Having destroyed their food supply, the Arab-Islamist regime is blockading all humanitarian aid and using starvation as a weapon of mass destruction.

These Africans are predominantly Christian. Christianity in the Nuba Mountains dates back nearly a century to when pioneer missionaries from Sudan United Mission Australia-New Zealand planted the first church there in 1914. Please pray for the Lord to intervene in Sudan.

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East Africa Update

January 17th, 2013
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This update is from Kalengule Kaoma who is GCI national director in Zambia and missions director in much of Africa.

Starting in late October, I have traveled to Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Our national directors, their wives and church pastors and leaders send their greetings. Most of them are well and are keeping the faith with determination, love for God and love for our members.


When I visited Madagascar, the members were completing their annual convention, this year gathering in Antsirabe, which is three hours north of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Angel Bodolalao Rafiringason, wife of GCI Madagascar’s national director Dr. Rigobert Rafiringason, gave an encouraging message about the promises we have in Jesus. I then covered as many topics as time allowed. The enthusiasm and desire of the members to learn electrified the meetings. There was lots of praise, worship and prayer. The Rafiringasons invest a lot of resources in their youth—many youth leaders were in attendance.


James Henderson facilitated the conference in Kenya with me where we met with 28 pastors and other leaders in Nairobi. A week earlier, many of these leaders had met to discuss the future of the Kenyan church. It was good for them to be together to cement relationships, beliefs and to grow in leadership skills. From Nairobi, I flew to Arusha where I met with three church leaders interested in joining GCI.


I met with 26 Tanzanian church leaders in Musoma. The last conference we had together was in 2010. This year there was a lot of noise as we greeted each other. Many questions were asked about grace and its implications in our lives. These leaders are eager and thirsty for more. I also met with a group of leaders in Kalisizo. I’ve been working with them over the last three years in an affiliation process.


In Entebbe, I met Pastor Joseph Mark Emeu-Oedo, who is seeking GCI affiliation. He trains rural pastors who have not attended Bible school. A lot of these “untrained” pastors oversee large congregations. He became interested in GCI when he visited our website and found that GCI plants “all kinds of churches in all kinds of places for all kinds of people.”

I then met another pastor in Kampala who had traveled 250 kilometers to meet me. He had many questions about our stand on grace. After the discussions, he invited me to visit him in his hometown.

In Eastern Uganda we met with 18 GCI leaders in Tororo. Pastor Edward Kagoro and his wife were not able to attend because of burns inflicted by thieves who had spread sulfuric acid on his shoulders. They also stole his motor bike. Thankfully, Edward is now better. His bike was recovered and his attackers were arrested.