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Life Together-John McLean

April 30th, 2010
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National Women’s Conference

The National Women’s Conference will be held May 21 – 23 at Greenmount on the Gold Coast. The theme is “Life Together in Christ”. Tammy Tkach will be the guest speaker, with a conference program designed to include worship, fellowship, fun and learning together. Registrations can still be accepted up until Tuesday May 4th.

Whether attending or not, your prayers and the prayers of our congregations for God’s blessing on the conference would be much appreciated.

Visit from Mr and Mrs Tkach

Some more good news – we are delighted that our Pastor General Joseph Tkach and his wife Tammy are able to travel to Australia to join us for most of the festival week at Caloundra later this year. This is a wonderful way of supporting and strengthening our international family ties, as well as an opportunity to hear from both Joe and Tammy at the festival.

Board Meeting

Kevin Summers from Tasmania and Carissa Warren from the Gold Coast attended our last Board meeting as invited guests. Kevin is a member of the Tasmanian pastoral team, and a well-known, long term servant in our fellowship. Carissa has recently been appointed to the National Youth Ministry Team, and was able to give the Board first-hand accounts from SEP and the team’s first meeting in Melbourne.

The Board expressed its excitement at the formation and development of the youth team under new National Youth Coordinator Al Kurzawa, and its appreciation for the enthusiasm and commitment of team members. Your prayers are much appreciated as we look forward together to see what God is going to continue to do in the lives of our precious young people, as they reach out in service and fellowship to one another and our communities.

The Board followed our usual practice of prayer and discussion before moving into the formal meeting. Along with the many wonderful and positive things we have to celebrate in our fellowship, we still have to wrestle with significant financial challenges, especially as a result of the Global Financial Crisis.

We had a busy and productive day. As always, the Board meets very mindful of the prayers of people around the country. So thank you all very much for your part in the meetings in spirit and prayer – it is greatly appreciated and valued.

National Day of Thanksgiving (NDOT)

The annual National Day of Thanksgiving is scheduled for May 29th this year. The website can be found at:

 Gratitude and thankfulness are fundamental to our Christian lives. As Paul wrote to the Thessalonians in a delightful summary , “Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, The Message).

As the website says, the NDOT is “a day for us to pause as a nation and say thank you to God and to each other for those many things we often take for granted but which really make our lives worth living. Let us use this day to be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to us during the past year.”

Many of our congregations have found ways to celebrate the day, and/or partner with other groups in the community to focus on giving thanks to God and one another.

European Ministry Leaders Conference in Germany

This year I will be in Germany over the NDOT weekend, participating in the European Ministry Leaders’ Conference at Pastor General Joseph Tkach’s invitation. Joe has asked me to take a day of the conference to deliver presentations on the topic of leadership, much as I did at the conference in the Philippines earlier this year. I have liaised with German National Director Santiago Lange to tailor the material to their requested needs. This is one way Australia can have a role in contributing to the international fellowship in Europe, again nurturing and developing our international family connections. Your prayers for the conference would be much appreciated.


Mooroolbark Christian Fellowship (MCF) recently hosted another movie night for the community. Here’s a report from Martin Bailey:

Film nights with MCF & MCC

“Recently we saw a record attendance at the Mooroolbark family film night for a showing of ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’. The film night is co-sponsored by Mooroolbark Christian Fellowship (MCF) & Mooroolbark Community Centre (MCC). We had 306 in attendance with 8 members of MCF who came to serve ice cream cones and tea and coffee. Children come in their pajamas, with pillows and blankets and sit on the bleachers. It has become quite a family occasion with a qualified projectionist who orders the reel to reel film and provides his services at close to cost. Typically the event is attended by families of mixed denominations and creeds. MCC staff are on hand to maintain a presence. The Event is promoted through our local publication – Living Today.

“Attendance and refreshments are provided free of charge – a bonus for local families as the cost of attending the local cinema with a large family can be quite prohibitive. Parents are complimentary and appreciative of this service and it has become a feature of all school holidays. Some of the locals stay behind to help clean the hall, which is a bonus. Thanks especially to the members who give of their time to come and faithfully serve – without them this would be an impossible task.”

 This is another good example of finding ways to reach out into the community. Many projects need not be all that complicated. What is important is the prayerful, intentional, spirit of other-centred service and loving action, directed at the needs and concerns of those in the community. In other words, prayerfully being open to meeting the needs of the community, as God provides the resources, is communion, which is mission – sharing the life and love of God with others.

May God bless and encourage you, as you serve and encourage one another. Love and prayer from all of us on the national office team.

In Christ,



The New Exodus (14)

April 30th, 2010
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Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 27:12-13

In that day the LORD will thresh from the flowing Euphrates to the Wadi of Egypt, and you, O Israelites, will be gathered up one by one. And in that day a great trumpet will sound. Those who were perishing in Assyria and those who were exiled in Egypt will come and worship the LORD on the holy mountain in Jerusalem.(NIV)

Now this leads us to see what the New Exodus is.

The New Exodus is the decisive event that the Jew’s were waiting for that would bring the definitive revelation of the “God who will be” faithful to his covenant promises. This event was the ending of exile.

The ending of this exile was often described with exodus-like imagery and language. The “New Exodus” is a way of speaking of the ending of the Jewish exile while investing it with the epochal significance of replacing the Exodus as the defining event in Israel’s history and their revelation of God.

As a quick historical review the “exilic” period of Israel’s history officially began in 586 B.C. when Babylonian armies sacked Jerusalem, destroying the temple and exiling most of the people of Jerusalem (excepting the poorest) to be slaves in Babylon. This period of deportation ended when Cyrus issued the decree for the return of the exiles and the rebuilding of the temple in 538 B.C.

After the return from the Babylonian deportation, the Israelites still continued under the domination of foreign powers. Theologically, this meant that the exile had not yet ended. This yearning for freedom from their oppressors is reflected in the prayers and praises which accompany the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Read Mary’s and Zechariah’s responses in Luke 1.

Message for the Day

Joe Tkach’s Weekly Update

April 29th, 2010
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San Fernando, California

Spanish-speaking pastor Heber Ticas of our San Fernando, California, congregation reported that on April 18, the church held the first of two planned anointing and blessing services for children this year. They anointed 127 children, and had 340 people in attendance, including 102 first-time visitors. Children from the church had gone out the previous weekend to invite neighborhood children to the event. Besides the spiritual blessing, the invited children made crafts, played games, and received free pizza while their parents listened to the sermon.

. . .

Prayer Requests and Updates

Lateef Edalere

From the family of Lateef Edalere:

With gratitude to God for a life well spent, we announce the death of Lateef Edalere: husband, father and grandfather.

Lateef was a native of Nigeria, and remained a faithful minister and member of the Body of Jesus Christ for more than 35 years. He lived and served in England, Nigeria, America and Jamaica.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him – including his wife Yvonne of 44 years, sons Peter (Australia) Paul (England); daughters Anthea (Jamaica) and Alison (America) as well as their spouses – Shehana, Charmaine, Gregory and Leaford.

Lateef and Yvonne were blessed with 5 grandsons and 3 granddaughters. He was known and loved by many, young and old, as “Daddy Edalere” as he touched the lives of those he pastored.

A Thanksgiving service to honor and celebrate his life will be held at 12.30 p.m. on Thursday, May 29, at Herongate Wood, Woodland Cemetery, Billericay Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3PS.

Your love, support and prayers for the entire family at this time will be appreciated.

Cards can be sent to:
Mrs. Yvonne Edalere and Family
29 Kiln Way
Badger’s Dene
Grays, Essex – RM17 5JEUK
United Kingdom

Maxine Neff

A graveside service was held for Mrs. Maxine Neff, wife of retired long-time minister Leroy Neff, on April 27 at Gladewater Memorial Park in Gladewater, Texas.

Cards can be sent to:
Leroy Neff and Family
PO Box 432
Big Sandy, TX 75755