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God’s Fatherhood

November 26th, 2008
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Sometimes you come across interesting and inspiring videos on the web. They can illustrate various aspects of our relationship to God.
God’s fatherhood has become a refreshing focus on a number of sites.  On the site I came across two videos: “I will be a Father to you” and “Like A child.”


A four minute video presentation about man’s rebellion and God’s heart of love and redemption. He loves YOU and wants to bring you to a place of peace and rest in Him. He is the perfect Father and He wants to be a FATHER to YOU.To watch online click here or to watch through your
media player click here (to download right click).


A four minute video presentation about the childlike heart Jesus taught us about in Matthew 18:4. We don’t have to have it all ‘together’.  Jesus taught us to change, humble ourselves and come with a childlike heart. An open heart He will not turn away.

To watch online click here or to watch through your
media player click here (to download right click).

 One of the most important things you can discover is that there is more to God than just knowing about Him .  You can actually know Him.  He is the Father you may have been looking for all your life.  He is the perfect Father and He wants to be a Father to YOU.

Another site interesting site is



Life Together @ Mooroolbark

November 26th, 2008
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Here’s a note from Mooroolbark Christian Felllowship (a WCG congregation in Melbourne):

 As another example of the ways in which the Mooroolbark congregation has been woven into our community, one of our members recently completed a public mural close to the Community Centre where we meet for services.

 Mary Bourchier was helped by financial or ‘in-kind’ partnerships with local government and businesses. The art department of Mooroolbark Secondary College assisted with some of the painting work.

 The design, depicting wildflowers of early Mooroolbark, came about after Mary tapped into the memories and collected art-work of some long-time residents of our beautiful township.

 The mural is an excellent piece of artwork, quite a display of Mary’s very fine artistic talents, and her skills in bringing such a project to fruition. Congratulations to Mary and her team of helpers.


Local councillor, Terry Avery officially launched the mural on Saturday morning November 1. You can read more at the Mooroolbark community website.





The Shack

November 25th, 2008
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Paul Young provides an insightful, Trinitarian-based understanding of the love of the Father (Papa) for us, in his fictional novel The Shack.

He has been interviewed a number of times by the Worldwide Church of God in “You’re Included.”  You can find out more by clicking here.


Paul toured Australia in November 2008.  A number of our members attended the tour when he was in Sydney.


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