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Updates on ACCM

November 22nd, 2018
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To read about the accreditation of the the new ACCM teacher, please click here.


November Prayer Calendar

November 22nd, 2018
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Asia Bibi Set Free

November 2nd, 2018
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This week the Voice of the Martyrs thanked the  hundreds of thousands of people around the world who signed a petition asking the government of Pakistan to overturn the conviction against Asia Bibi, a Christian wife and mother who was charged with blasphemy in 2009 and sentenced to death the following year.

They reported that on Wednesday, more than four years after agreeing to hear her appeal, Pakistan’s Supreme Court finally issued its ruling, overturning the lower court’s conviction and sentence, and ordering her immediate release from prison.

Voice of the Martyrs said:

We thank God for the release of our sister Asia.

We are also thankful to you and the many others who have prayed for her and raised their voices to call for her release. Your prayers and efforts made a difference. THANK YOU!

While we celebrate Asia’s release, we cannot stop praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Radical Muslims are already calling for retribution against the Supreme Court judges, and Pakistani Christians worry that violence could break out at any time.

This year the Voice of the Martyrs has a new video, Meet and Pray for Pakistani Christians, which focuses specifically on the daily oppression and persecution faced by Christians in Pakistan. Christians in Pakistan are routinely threatened and persecuted. They are often relegated to the lowest paying jobs and even to a form of slavery working for Muslim brick-kiln owners. However, they continue to serve and faithfully witness for Christ.

To view it please click here.


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