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PNG Pix from Visit (August 2018)

August 10th, 2018
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Pix from Trip to PNG by Bill Sidney and Mark Latham, August 2018



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Burundi Update 2018-02

February 3rd, 2018
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Kalengule had requested:

Please pray that God will give us favour so that we are not discriminated against because we are a small and relatively newly registered church in Burundi. The Government of Burundi appointed a new commission in charge of denominations. The commission consists of Bishops from denominations that have existed for a long time in Burundi. These denominations have modern church buildings and large development projects. The commission is requesting that the government close denominations that do not have these things and that request will be reviewed soon by the National Assembly. Please pray that God intervenes.

We had helped purchased the land for the Burundi church. Kalengule informed us:

Land in Carama, Bujumbura, Burundi does not have a permanent building on it yet. Brethren have built a temporary structure where they meet for worship services. Constructing a permanent building is one of the prayers at the top prayer requests list. A lot of money is needed for the construction.

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PNG Update (2017-12) – Youth Ministry and Children’s Church

December 2nd, 2017
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Report from Ben Gelwa:

In our church today we have 40 – 50 youths and they are actively involved in church activities, funeral services and R.I classes in Mt Wilhelm Secondary School. In addition, they also conduct children classes.

We have more than sixty (60) children and they are aged between 2 – 15 years old. We have five teachers who have faithfully rotated to teach the children. We are planning to have a minicamp for the children in the holidays. Before the camp Richard and I must make sure both the parents and the campers are aware of the camp rules and child safety.

Furthermore, we have been conducting ACCM Worship course from unit 1 and unit 2 with youth including adults and when we have completed unit 6 then we will precede onto the discipleship courses.

All the schools in Gambolg are suspended this year due to the election crises and will resume next year, 2018. Despite of that we are pleased to inform you that our students have continued to study through the Study Centre. GCI students in PNG are very grateful to our beloved brothers and sisters in Australia for the Study Centre and the Life club provided. It has encouraged our students to study hard and excel in their education.

In Papua New Guinea most students drop out from their studies due to school fees problems. In our church at Gambolg most of our parents are subsistence farmers so when their children/our youth are selected to further their studies at Tertiary/ College institutions they can’t afford to pay for the fees. As a result our students who have been selected to continue their studies at tertiary/college are tremendously affected.

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