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Pastors’ Basket Project (Zambia)

December 1st, 2018
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Update from Nsama Kaoma, Lusaka, Zambia (November 28, 2018)

Lusaka, Zambia

We started the CFEP pilot program with the Lusaka-based GCI Zambia congregations. We started the training in July 2018 with the youths from GCI Zambia Lilanda Youth Church. The syllabus being followed comes from the International Labor Organization Small Business Management Training program, designed specifically for the African environment. It is an excellent program made up of six, simple modules which can be adequately tackled a module-a-day, so it would normally take six days to complete the program.

This training is to equip the congregations in successfully managing the small business projects they are embarking on. The training for all 5 congregations has now been completed. Each congregation has been required to fulfill certain conditions and have been very cooperative in doing so.

The following are the business projects for each congregation:

  1.  Central congregation – Grocery shop
  2.  Chawama congregation – Fish and Chips shop
  3.  Chongwe congregation – Metal Fabrication shop
  4.  Kapete congregation – Pre school
  5.  Lilanda Youth Church – Grocery store.


They have received the training with great excitement and positiveness. They are starting their projects with great enthusiasm. We will have ongoing supervision and support for the next 12 months. We will have refresher training after 6 months. They are good to go.

Thank you so much for your support. We will continue to keep you updated.

We are now ready to commence with phase 2 of the pilot program. This is the 5 congregations in the outlying areas.   This one will require traveling outside Lusaka to the various congregations around Zambia. We are all set to start the preparations and training for the following congregations:

  1.  Mpika Congregation, Northern Zambia
  2.  Kabompo congregation, Northern West Zambia
  3.  Kitwe Congregation, Copperbelt
  4.  Kaoma, Western Zambia
  5.  Mongu, Western Zambia.


These training sessions will coincide and facilitate pastoral visits to these areas which will be a double benefit. As these congregations start their projects, they agree to give 10% of their profits back to the fund so that funds can be raised to assist the next country. We have already identified the next country to assist congregations to become financially empowered. We hope by the middle of 2019, the current recipients will start putting back into the fund.

Once again great appreciation continues to be expressed as congregations gain hope in being financially empowered to carry out their church obligations and activities including being able to take care of their local Pastors. We remind them that the greatest appreciation will be expressed through their dedication and commitment to the projects.

God bless and greetings to our church family in Australia.

Daphne Sidney:
Please pass on and thank the generous Wollongong church for their part.   (They are giving $7,000 for phase 2 of the project.)

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Jamie Fenner – Retirement

December 1st, 2018
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In 1975, Jamie graduated in Maths and Physics from Sydney Uni, did teacher training and realised the obvious, that he could never succeed as a teacher.  In 1976 he began studying programming at NSWIT.

Jamie said: “I started work on 3rd Dec. 1978.  My last day was 5th Jul. 2018, making me the last programmer from the seventies to retire from the ATO.  That brings the total to 40 years in IT.”

Jamie Fenner

Jamie’s work had three stages:
In 1978 shortly after baptism I was led to study at Canberra College of Advanced Education and a job at the ATO programming Fortran and COBOL on their mainframe Cyber computer.  In those days the Public Service hired and trained programmers into lifetime careers.  There was no outsourcing and few contractors.
I foolishly quit in 1985 to go to Melbourne and later Sydney.  Cue nine years of varied employment, but not career success. I returned to Canberra in 1991 older and a tiny bit wiser, married to Kelly Ambrose.
In 1994 God blessed me with my second permanent job programming the ATO mainframe, this time an IBM one. This time I stayed put and my career prospered.
IT and the Seven Laws of Success
In 1994 for the first time in my career, manuals were available for the computer systems on which I worked. I also bought and studied my own IT books, enough to make a stack from floor to ceiling. Now I could apply Herbert Armstrong’s second law of success, education, to my daily work. And the Law of Perseverance to self-study, in which I engaged for years, mostly after Kelly went to bed, and before dawn, and on the bus.
I thank HWA for his counsel in his autobiography, “If I worked for a man, I would WORK for him.”  HWA also said “It is better to wear out than to rust out.” I suppose I got that right, because I am now pretty worn out.

Thoughts upon retirement
I believe it is pleasing to God to pray for our workmates by name and love them, as we do for our brethren.  This allows our God to transform our relationships and our reality. By God’s grace I was given love for all my workmates, even with those I had problems.
On July 5th 2018 in my short retirement goodbye speech, I gave credit for anything good in me to “God my Father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”  I reminded them that the ATO was the best workplace by far that I had ever worked, and not to quit it due to impatience or due to negative talk.  I quipped “Thanks to those who said they would miss me – are you both here?” to laughter, and finished by saying, through tears, that I would miss them all.

Once Kelly is able to join me in retirement, we hope to become occasional Grey nomads and to visit Sydney church more often. Thank-you to all church members who brought our names before our Father in their prayers over the last 40 years.

Thank you Jamie for your service to our nation and your faithfulness to your Christian calling.

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PNG Pix from Visit (August 2018)

August 10th, 2018
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Pix from Trip to PNG by Bill Sidney and Mark Latham, August 2018



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