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Interview with WCG Australian National Leader

June 14th, 2009
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Mike Feazell talks with John McLean, National Director and Mission Director for the churches in Australia. Click here

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Thelma Hardy

December 6th, 2008
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 Thelma Hardy   (9th April 1917 – 27th November 2008)

Thelma lived a full life and had seen three generations come forth.  Her quiver was full.

At the heart of her life was a profound belief in God and the good news in Jesus Christ.  Her story is the story of God’s faithfulness to one of his children.  Thelma was one of the earliest members of the Sydney congregation, and was heavily involved in church fellowship and hospitality until the early 1990s.  Since then, her declining health has made it difficult for her to attend church events, but she remained in contact with the church through her family, through the recorded sermons and regular visits by the Pavlovskis and of more recent times, Graham Miller and Jim Thomas.  Graham said he always found her alert.

Peter McLean commented: Thelma had an amazingly optimistic and cheerful disposition, in spite of her constant pain and declining health.  Those who visited her always received more love and inspiration than they gave.  Thelma had a wonderful sense of humour.  She could see the bright side of virtually any situation.  Time spent with Thelma was an uplifting and happy experience.

Thelma was so proud of her children and grandchildren.  Her talk was filled with admiration for her children and their accomplishments.  She was engaged in their lives and was truly an outgoing, caring and compassionate Christian.

Bob Regazzoli described Thelma as real battler with all her health problems.  He found her a very generous person

Both Peter and Bob commented on Steve Hardy as a wonderful carer for his mother who had set an outstanding example of honouring a parent in sickness and in health for over 8 years.

In the funeral service Rod Dean said: “The human person is a wonderful creation of God.  The body may break down, and age can weary us, but there is something magnificent about each person.  And no matter what happens to us in this life, this magnificence is always there.  This magnificence comes from God.  The value of each person comes from God.  And nothing can take that away. (Hebrews 2:8)

When you experience the sacrificial love of a mother, as Thelma’s family did, you experience the beauty of the image of God that God gave to us all — to live a life making other people’s lives better.”

We at this time share our condolences with her sister Dawn, children Joy, Joan, Colin, Steven and their families which include 5 grandchildren and their families, and 9 great grand children with one on the way.



Ride for MS

December 6th, 2008
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On Sunday 2nd November, I was one of approximately 14,000 cyclists who rode from Sydney to Wollongong.  People started the ride from St Peters (90km) or Heathcote (56km) and continued via the Royal National Park and the spectacular Seacliff Bridge.  We were blessed with a slight tailwind and overcast skies but still had to battle the “hills” on the route and the “traffic” andcongestion” that came from so many people riding in the one area.

2008 was the 27th year of the Sydney-to-the-Gong Bike Ride for MS.  Over $1.7M (and still growing) was raised for MS — Multiple Sclerosis.  The MS Society raises funds to find a cure and to care for those afflicted.  My ride was generously sponsored by family and friends, we raised just over $1,100.

It is part of our culture and one of our core values to give of our time and our resources to help those in need.  A ride of 90km takes some preparation and training. 


Will you ride with me next year?        


Trevor Liu, Bathurst