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Tanzania (Feb. 2012)

February 10th, 2012
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Kalengule Kaomawrote:

How are all the Wollongong brethren? Image

We are well. My wife’s health is always improving. She is now able to walk about a kilometre every day and drives to pick up our daughter from school. The school is two kilometres away from where we live. We are very grateful to all the brethren for thinking about us and remembering to pray for us.

I have had two occasions on which I met and discussed school issues with our management team.

1. From the $5,000.00 you sent, $1,000 went towards construction of the toilets at the proposed school premises.

This move has cheered the village headman who has welcomed proposed development in his area. Kenya education wing in this area has extended period of mercy to next year June by which time we should have built the school and moved students to new premises. Health officials are also expectant of new developments.

2. School management team plans to put a fee on students the new school premises will attract.

Fees will assist in maintaining school structure and hopefully pay a small stipend to teachers.

3. I have been sending $650 each month for food supplements for orphans and vulnerable children.

The feedback I have is that children’s health has improved and most of them are attending classes regularly.

4. A couple of days ago, I got an email from one of the school management team members that the land on which the school is to be built has been leased by the village headman’s land committee in GCI’s name.

This means that we can apply for title deeds to be issued in GCI’s name.

The village headman, Kenya education wing, and the Kenya health department have all been encouraging our team to start constructing the school to be ready next year.

I have asked the team to prepare structural proposals.


A recent update from Kalengule Kaoma:

The school building project has taken off at a slow start.

I sent $2,000.00 directly to the school administration so far by Western Union. Yesterday, I remitted $10,000.00 through GCI -Kenya. These funds will be collected for bulk purchase of materials and speedy construction.

The school will not be ready at the beginning of the term because it has already begun. However, pupils will be able to move into new class rooms in due course.

At the conference in Nairobi, November 11-14, 2011, I met some pastors from Tanzania. According to the reports they gave, the church in Tanzania is doing well.

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Regional Update – Rod Matthews

November 6th, 2011
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Tanzania Update 2011-03 – (3) Ukerewe

March 5th, 2011
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Kalengule Kaoma wrote:

I thought I should give you a brief report of the trip.

(3) Ukerewe Brethren






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