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Our purpose is to share the life of our congregation. As we are actively involved with our friends around the world, we regularly, under Updates, keep you informed about what is happening to our churches in the many different countries they are located. You will find it encouraging to see how involved the church is with the grass roots needs of  people with such diverse backgrounds. 

Message for the Day is a section of the weekly sermon for daily teaching and reflection.

The Persecuted Church is a sobering reminder of the harsh realities many of our brothers and sisters in Christ face as they profess their faith in Christ. It provides us with powerful examples of faith and the opportunity to share in prayer their suffering and to intercede as a community to God for them.

Over 60’s comments about the mature Christian’s journey and the insights and lessons gained from the ageing process.

Church Matters is our monthly newsletter which reports directly on the life of our local congregations in Bathurst, Wollongong, Sydney and Canberra.

Please explore the site to see who we are, what matters to us, and how we are endeavouring to participate in what is God is doing in this world.




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